Welcome in the Superfamily of the Cheyletoidea !

This Superfamily is part of the Prostigmata Suborder, itself part of the Trombidiformes Order.

This Superfamily includes the following families :

  1. Cheyletidae (some more information here below)
  2. Cloacaridae
  3. Demodicidae
  4. Epimyodicidae
  5. Harpirhynchidae
  6. Psorergatidae


Books :

  • Acarina of the Family Cheyletidae of the World, Vsevolod Ivanovič Volgin, 1987 (partially available on google books)

If you happen to sell this book, tell me please !

Web :

Unfortunatly, lots of documents are for sale. My personnal opinion is that taxonomic documents (and especially monographies with keys) should be free, otherwise the access to taxonomy is limited to big institutions.

  • Revision of the genus Ornithocheyletia Volgin, 1964 (Acari: Cheyletidae)
  • Key to Species of the Genus Neocheyletiella (Acariformes: Cheyletidae), With Description of a New Species, JAMES W. MERTINS AND ANDRE V. BOCHKOV, 2014
  • Further observations on the Cheyletidae (Acari), with a key to the genera of the Cheyletinae and a list of all known species in the family by U. GERSON, A. FAIN and R.L. SMILEY

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