Welcome in the Superfamily of the Arrenuroidea !

This Superfamily is part of the Prostigmata Suborder, itself part of the Trombidiformes Order.

This Superfamily includes the following families :

  1. Acalyptonotidae
  2. Amoenacaridae
  3. Arenohydracaridae
  4. Arrenuridae (some more information here below)
  5. Athienemanniidae
  6. Bogatiidae
  7. Chappuisididae
  8. Harpagopalpidae
  9. Hungarohydracaridae
  10. Kantacaridae
  11. Krendowskiidae
  12. Laversiidae
  13. Mideidae
  14. Mideopsidae
  15. Momoniidae
  16. Neoacaridae
  17. Nipponacaridae
  18. Nudomideopsidae

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Publications :

  • Morphological characteristics of water mite larvae of the genus Arrenurus Dugès, 1834, with notes on the phylogeny of the genus and an identification key by ANDRZEJ ZAWAL at Zootaxa

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