Jun 012015

Our dear Linnaeus first described this species under the name Pediculus pubis. The first question I ask to myself is a little bit disrespectful towards our dear Linnaeus : where did he found his first Pediculus pubis ?

You do not know ? Ok, maybe you do not know at all, where usually lives Pthirus inguinalis ? But if you already know, Pediculus humanus, you can easily imagine where lives Pediculus pubis. Do I need to give you some more explanations ? Come on…

Actually we can find all sort of different orthographs and synonyms for this immodest parasite, and I admit I still have difficulties in writing its correct name :

  • Pediculus pubis
  • Pediculus ferus
  • Phtirus pubis
  • Pthirus pubis
  • Phthirus chavesi
  • Pthirius inguinalis

I will keep this one, from the very serious site http://phthiraptera.info/ : Pthirus inguinalis. And this is probably the official stable name for this little big louse ! You just have to remember well where is the H, and where there is no I !

I am happy to share with you tree outstanding photos of this Pthiridae from my dear friend Paul Leroy. Enjoy the fine details, and the ugly beauty of these crawlies, enjoy the forthcoming little baby, already with its strange scissors !