Welcome in the super family of the Analgoidea ! They are mainly mites which can be found in feathers of birds.

This Superfamily is made of the following families, only one of them is illustrated on our site for the moment :

Alloptidae, Apionacaridae, Avenzoariidae, Cytoditidae, Dermationidae, Dermoglyphidae, Epidermoptidae, Gaudoglyphidae, Laminosioptidae, Proctophyllodidae, Psoroptoididae, Pteronyssidae, Ptyssalgidae, Pyroglyphidae, Thysanocercidae, Trouessartiidae, Turbinoptidae, Xolalgidae



Do not forget about the two “ii” in the name of the family to find correct results on the web. This family has been created by Edouard Louis Trouessart, a French biologist who lived in the nineteen century.

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