Sep 082015

I am back with another mount from the collection of National Museum of Natural History in Paris. The shown slide has the following references :

  • Name of species : Pterygosoma rubi (not valid)
  • Name of host : Agama atricolis (quoted with one “l” for atricollis on the slide)
  • Locality : Bukavu (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • Reference of slide : 8F7
  • From the medical laboratory of Kivu

First of all, Agama atricollis is now a synonym of Acanthocercus atricollis. It is an Agamid lizard living in South East of Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi…).

Secondly, Pterygosoma rubi is not currently a valid species. After interrogation of Michel Bertrand, a French acarologist who studies Pterygosomatidae, it seems that the illustrated species is rather Pterygosoma transvaalense described by Lawrence in 1935. This is the only known parasiting mite of Acanthocercus atricollis. New species of Pterygosomatidae are still being discovered on reptiles.

I propose you another example of Pterygosomatidae with Zonurobia circularis.

If you happen to collect such parasites on lizards, Agamidae, or other reptiles, we would be happy to receive some samples for identification and photography.

Thanks again to the NMNH in Paris !



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