Oct 102015

I am back again with another mount from the collection of NMNH in Paris. The shown slide has the following references :

  • Name of species : Neochauliacia simplex Peterson, Atyeo and Moss, 1978
  • Name of host : Streptoprocne sonaris sonaris
  • Locality : unknown
  • Date of collection : 1937
  • Reference of slide : 38F11
  • Collection : Berrson
  • Sex : male

First of all, Streptoprocne sonaris sonaris (seen also as S. zonaris zonaris) is a pretty little bird known in Costa Rica for instance (family of Micropodidae). Very difficult to find relevant information about this bird on the net.

Neochauliacia simplex belongs to the very unknown family of Eustathiidae. Two other species of Eustathiidae can be found on the common swift (Apus apus) : Chauliacia securigera and Eustathia cultrifer (see this very good site on feather mites)

If you happen to collect such feather mites, we would be happy to receive some samples for identification and photography. Obviously your name will be quoted as the collector.

Enjoy the hidden beauty of this feather mite, thanks again to the NMNH in Paris !



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