Apr 182015

Welcome on this international site dedicated to the micro beauty and taxonomy of

mites and parasites !

We faced a lot of difficulties in studying such animals, for this reason we would like to share all the knowledge we gather on these topics. The time where specialists kept jealously their knowledge is over, let’s take advantage of the world wide web to share freely, precise and specific information on mites and parasites. All the knowledge, especially on nature science, should be broadly shared. I expect you to marvel at these hidden beauties and to share your knowledge you have on topics you are interested in, or where you are a specialist.

Our purpose is not to build an exhaustive site or database on mites and parasites, this would be impossible due to the immensity of the subject. Moreover the creator of this website has a very limited access to life diversity in this field (and limited access in lifetime) unless you can send us some interesting species !

Our purposes are the following :

Develop an iconography of quality on mites and parasites, with identification to family, genus or species when it is possible.

Stimulate quality exchanges on this topic with the international community of scientists and passionates people : exchanges of documentation, animals, microscopic slides, information, experience & knowledge.

Interest the public and stimulate its interest to these hated and unknown animals, and try to show them there hidden beauty, and unveil some of their mysteries.

Exchange information and knowledge around microscopy and microphotography, for mites and parasites.

This site cannot address all the aspects of mites and parasites and will be primarily

focussed on microphotography and taxonomy.

We draw your attention on the fact that this site is initiated by French people, so the English is not always a good English. We beg your pardon for that ! Your corrections will be always welcome.

We hope you will appreciate this site and invite you to make your remarks and corrections.

Thanks for your interest on that topic and thanks for enriching the world with your knowledge ! Knowledge is nothing meaningful if you do not share it.

Welcome in this stange, dreadfull & wonderfull world !



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  1. Fascinant !

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