Apr 302015

When I look at Google image, I cannot find any image of the larva of Haemaphysalis concinna. From now on this will change. Here is in exclusivity some shots of this interesting larva.

Maybe you wonder, how did he get a larva of Haemaphysalis concinna ? Ok, I am sure there are different ways to get them, by my way is not the common one. A friend of mine captured an engorged female, the female laid eggs in captivity, the eggs hatched, and here we are. You will probably say this guy has strange friends ?

Anyway I let these pictures with one question to the world. You will probably notice a sort of capsule between legs II & III, obviously by the way, this is an hexapod larva. This capsule is at the same place than the forthcoming stigmate. Is there a link between them ? Is this pore, I do not know how to call this, is something dedicated to respiration ? It would be kind of you to tell me, if you have the answer. We have such similar capsules in different parts of the body.

By the way does the Amblyommidae family still exist or NOT ? Specialists agree between each others ?

For my education and yours some information about this species (thanks to Bristol University) :

Hosts : mainly sheep, however has also been found on; deer, cattle, horse, dog, cat and hares. (but not humans ?)

Distribution : France, Germany, Poland and that’s all ?

Do you know something precise about the biotope ?



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