I thank warmly all the people who helped me progress in life sciences, microscopy, acarology and parasitology ! Here is a list, non exhaustive of person I would like to thank :

  • Paul Leroy : he gave me the passion of these creepy crawlies and for his great talents of microscopist…
  • Jean-Claude Beaucournu for his passion and unlimited knowledge on fleas…
  • Marcel Lecomte for his amazing energy and talents to transmit his knowledge in microscopy.
  • Peter Masan (Acarologist), for the great help he provides me.
  • Michel Bertrand (French colleague Acarologist) for answering my (sometimes) basic questions.
  • Jerry KrantzDavid Evans Walter for their wonderful book “Manual of Acarology
  • Vincent Valli, for his remarkable animation of part of the French forum on arthropods.
  • Mark Judson, Christophe Daugeron, Emmanuel Delfosse at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, and the Museum for granting access to the treasures of the French collections, and for granting the rights to publish microphotographies of species of the French collections.
  • Jean Deunff for letting me entry in his temple of Spinturnicidae.
  • Alain Migeon, Andrzej Zawal, Peter Martin, Reinhard Gerecke, for the punctual but precious answers I get from them !
  • For all the people, scientists or not, who are sharing freely their knowledge on the world wide web !
  • to be continued…

Warmly thanks to people who provided me mites or parasites collections :

  • Pierre Frapa, entomologist at regional parc of Luberon,
  • Vincent Valli again…
  • Paul Leroy again…
  • Samuel Danflous, for the rich collection of mites he provided me,
  • Sylvain Dejean,
  • Gérard Breton,
  • Thomas Legrand,


Thank you and… sorry for all the people who helped me progress but are not (yet) mentionned !


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