Glossary on Mites

Spinturnicidae - Spinturnix cf myoti - preadult stage © Olivier for the photography, the microscopic mount and determination

This glossary on mites is sorted in alphabetical order. It will be enriched progressively. A link can be proposed to an illustration of the described word. Your propositions to correct or enrich this lexic are welcome !

Work in progress…




Deutonymph : usually, a maximum of three nymphal stages are present in mites and they are referred to in sequence as the protonymph, deutonymph (second nymphal stage), and tritonymph.


Scutum : a shield-shaped dorsal sclerite or plate of certain insects and arachnids.

Scutella : a very small shield, also called platelet.

Syncoxa : in most ticks the coxae (the first segment of the legs) have a normal appearance of a uniform dark colour and smooth texture; in some Ixodes species the coxae are known as syncoxae because the posterior part of these coxae has a lighter colour and striated texture.


Tectum : in Mesostigmata the front dorsal edge of the basis capitulum is referred to as the tectum, gnathotectum, or epistome.

Triphasic : having three different stages of development. A triphasic tick is successively a larva, a nymph then an adult.


Vertex : anterior extension of the idiosoma that covers the capitulum in many uropodid mites.



If you are deeply interested in mites, I recommand you the following books :


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  1. I have a collection of ectoparasites from bats from Brazil. Where do I send them for identification? Who will identify them? Thanks,

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