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How to use this site ?

You could be a little bit puzzled by the manner this site is organised if you are not familiar with the classification of living things… This is the reason why I will explain you shortly how to use it !

You can access to the information of this site in different ways, but basically this site is focussed on the current taxonomy and classification of the studied groups.


Through the Menus

Information is organised per Order (Mesostigmata, Ixodida, Siphonaptera, Anoploura) or Suborder (Oribatida, Prostigmata). But the underlying menu is organised, depending on the top one, per Superfamily (for mites), per Genera (for Ixodida), per Family (for Siphonaptera, Anoploura). For this reason, if you are not familiar with these scientific names used in classification, it will not be an efficient way to access information you are looking for.

The last two menus (General & Technics) are transverse subjects.

Anyway, all the posts of this Site/Blog are reachable through the menus, classified in the corresponding genera, family or superfamily.

Through the Categories

All the posts of this blog are also reachable through the widget listing the categories on the right side of each page. The categories are ordered by Order, Suborder, and Cohorts, with the number of addressed topics. The richness of information for each category will depend on the number of topics.

It will not be either an efficient way to access information you are looking for if you are not familiar with the scientific names of the groups.

Through the Tag Cloud

As Orders, Suborders, Cohorts, Families, could sound very barbarian for most of people, each subject has been tagged with more common words used to pinpoint such or such topics. For instance flea (instead of Siphonaptera), watermite (for the mites living in water), louse (instead of Anoploura), fly (instead of Diptera), and also a very approximate classification per type of host (parasite of bird, reptile, mammal…).

Though the Search Bar

But the most efficient way to search for a specific information is to type a specific keyword in the search bar. All the subjects containing this keyword, will be displayed. For instance you can type a scientific name of parasite (like Lipoptena), or a scientific name of host (like Coenagrion), or any common word (like bird, lizard, deer…).


Subjects are also classified per month, but this is non significant for the reader, but rather for the administrator of this site, as they is no specific logic in the dates. This is only the date when the taxon has been registered on this site.

We are trying to improve daily the quality of this site and the information transmitted. Do not hesitate to give us your comments to make things better !