Jun 252015

Family : Macrochelidae

This family has been first described by Vitzthum, 1930.

Genera : Geholaspis

This genera has been first described by Berlese, 1918.

Synonyms :

  • Holostaspis hortorum Berlese, 1904
  • Macrocheles hortorum Berlese, 1918
  • Geholaspis mandibularis hortorum Valle, 1953

Short diagnosis :

Very similar species to Geholaspis mandibularis, setae, j5 j6, J2, J5, and z6 mostly smooth, other dorsal setae plumose and brush-like. Ventrianal, sternal and metasternal setae short and needle-like, ornamentation of ventrianal shield reticulate.

Its seems that the male is unknown !

Distribution : Europe, the example here reported is from France.

Bibligraphy :

  • A review of the Macrochelidae of the British Isles, HYATT and EMBERSON
  • Macrochelid mites of Slovakia, PETER MASAN
  • Contribution to the Macrochelidae fauna of Hungary (Acari: Mesostigmata), JENÕ KONTSCHÁN

Links :


Conclusion :

I am open to receive other exemplars of this same genera (in alcohol or microscopic mount).

Thanks for your remarks !


Other species of the genera : aeneus, alpinus, asper, berlesei, biperforatus, bulgaricus, comelicensis, foroliviensis, hortorum, ilvana, lagreca, longisetosus, longispinosus, longulus, mandibularis, pauperior, ponticus

  • Geholaspis aeneus Krauss, 1970
  • Geholaspis alpina (Berlese, 1887)
  • Geholaspis asper Valle, 1953
  • Geholaspis berlesei Valle, 1953
  • Geholaspis bianchii Valle & Mazzoleni, 1967
  • Geholaspis comelicensis Lombardini, 1962
  • Geholaspis foroliviensis Lombardini, 1943
  • Geholaspis hortorum (Berlese, 1904)
  • Geholaspis ilvana Valle & Mazzoleni, 1967
  • Geholaspis lagrecai Valle, 1963
  • Geholaspis longispinosa (Kramer, 1876)
  • Geholaspis longula (Berlese, 1882)
  • Geholaspis mandibularis (Berlese, 1904)
  • Geholaspis pauperior (Berlese, 1918)

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