Jul 302015

Slender pigeon lice are primarily found in the feathers on wings of pigeons. It is the typical parasite for Columba livia, but many other types of lice can be found on it.

Here are again remarquable photos from Paul Leroy of this very common parasite.

This species is belonging to the family of Philopteridae. With the same name of the family, I understand they like the wings (Philo-pter) of their hosts, as it is where they are usually found…

You will much probably never see all the species of this family on mites-and-parasites.org as there are 138 genera and 2945 species according to phtiraptera.org, at the date of publication of this post.

This species was, is-it original ? first described by Linnaeus !

I pinpoint this strange document on behaviour of pigeon louse which had been studied by M. Rakshpal, for different types of smells, temperatures and contacts.



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