May 272015

Chaetopsylla trichosa is a member of the Vermipsyllidae and can be found on badgers (Meles meles) and fox (Vulpes vulpes). It is never abundant on its hosts, as compared to Chaetopsylla globiceps or Chaetopsylla homoea. It is rare or absent on mountains, it prefers low altitude. Strange ? Don’t you think so ?

This species is very widely spread, all over the Palearctic region, till China ! Anyway it seems very specific, as found only on badgers, fox and occasionally on weasels (Martes foina), according to Professor Beaucournu.

According to Amoret P. Whitaker, it was only once found in British Isles. If you happen to found some in Great Britain, please let us know !

I thank again my friend Paul Leroy for the two photos, the male and the female.

If you know something particular about this species, I would be very grateful to get your information.



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