Sep 222015

Hello all,

I am happy to present you a new type of parasite for ! I have not presented yet any Diptera… here is the first one !

Lipoptena cervi, the deer fly, is a species of biting fly in the family of Hippoboscidae. These flies are very commonly encountered in Europe, Siberia and China. It has been also introduced to several other countries. They can fly on very short distances (from one animal to the other) and shed their wings once their are on their final host. They are sucking the blood of their hosts. For this reason they can be a vector of diseases.

Different types of hosts : deer, moose, reindeer and occasionnaly can bite human or dog.

These photos shows greatly the sexual dimorphism of the species. The female produces a larva but keeps it until the pupa is ready. The larva feeds inside the female body on a milk gland. How surprising can be Mother Nature with insects which look like mamalian like the famous kangoroo !

A deer fly bite is said to be quite painful. I do not therefore wish you to meet these flies ! But if you happen to find some, see here !