Sep 022015

Hello world,

We are back after a period of vacations. We took advantage of the vacations to visit the famous National Museum of Natural History in Paris. At this occasion, with the kind permission of NMNH (MNHN of Paris in French), with took some photographs of forgotten treasures…

To start with a serie of specimens directly from the collection of NMNH in Paris, here is Asca squamulata, firstly described by Athias-Henriot in 1961.

This mount is of great interest, because it shows a syntype of Asca squamulata. As you may know, a snytype is quoted in the first description of a new species, in other words in the protolog of the species.

We hope you will appreciate this species from the Ascidae family.

We warmly thank NMNH in Paris and Mark Judson for allowing us visiting the collections.



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