Jul 282015

Hello world ! I am the first surprised to publish photos of an Hydrachnidia. A colleague, on a French forum on insects, sent me some samples of water mite larvae collected on the Irish damselfly (Coenagrion lunulatum in the family of Coenagrionidae), in the French vulcan park in the very center of France.

We made a microscopic mount and some photos of a non gorged larva. We are happy to share the result with you.

I warmly thank Reinhard Gerecke, Andrzej Zawal & Peter Martin for their friendly help for proposing the Arrenurus genera for this mite.

The possible species are Arrenurus bicuspidator, Arrenurus tetracyphus, or another not larva described species.

At this stage, Coenagrion lunulatum species is not yet known as Arrenurus host.

More information will follow if I get some.

Thanks for your comments if any.



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