Phtiridae or Pthiridae


This Phtiridae family of sucking lice, created by Leach in 1817, parasites human & gorillas. There are only two extant species for this family, and only one genera.

  • Phtirus pubis or Pthirus inguinalis (preferred recent name), parasite of human pubis, also commonly known as crab louse or pubis louse.
  • Phtirius gorillae or Pthirus gorillae, parasite of Gorilla.

According to scientific studies gorillae separated from their common ancestor with human, around 7 millions years ago. However, Pthirus inguinalis separated from Pthirus gorillae only 4 millions years ago. This findings could suggest that Hominidae that became Gorillae and Humans continued to live in near proximity during a long period of time…


We are wanting some samples of these species. If you happen to get some samples of these species, it will be a great pleasure for us to mount them on a microscope slide and share with you some nice photos as below. Your name, as the collector of the sample, will be mentioned in the legend of the photos if you do not mind.

You are welcome !

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